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My Story


My name is Margaret Renner and I am your Scentsy Independent Consultant, your Scentsy Lady who is totally Addicted to Scentsy. Im going to tell you just a little about me and then I get to share my Scentsy Story with YOU.

I am a southern girl who left L.A. and moved to the big city, HA HA. I am a wife, mom, grandma love and fur baby crazy, plus boss lady totally addicted to Scentsy. I am a blogger wannabe and I have a lot of hobbies, well anything crafty and baking is fun, and who decided what breakfast food is anyway. My favorite is Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce and a little Rum. I’v learned to drink Unsweet Tea, which at one time was unheard of in the South and Winter White Cosmo is a big hit.

Now here's where I get to share my Scentsy Story, My Scentsy Life!
I started selling Scentsy August 2018, with a few of reason why. #1 When you are a Scentsy bar hoarder you might as well start selling it and it's super easy to join. I wanted to make money for the little extras in life and more of what we need. And since I love the beach the opportunity of earning for free trips for my family was a ++++

As I have come to know Scentsy, more than the SCENTS THAT SMELLS SO GOOD, AND the Products that help the SCENTS SMELL SO GOOD. My values have changed. I take pride in what I get to do every day, and that is to share Scentsy and even better than that, I fall in love with my customers that I get to share it with. I have made so many new friends and have spent more time with the friends I have had forever. And I am looking forward to the Scentsy workshops and Scentsy Family Reunions.

Wether you are currently a fabulous customer of mine or a new fabulous customer, or want to Join Me and our Scentsy Family, I have your back. I am always here for you so contact me anytime and I am looking forward to a great year. So Let's Get Our Scentsy On and LET's ROCK SCENTSY!

Oh and here ares few of my favorite scents which I have so many so I change them often. LoL